About Us

Dealis Hair & Records is: The first concept in the whole country based on Hairdressing and underground music. The idea came up with our passionate Stylist and DJ Dario De Angelis A.K.A. Dealis. This concept nowadays is growing on both sides as we put into it time, passion and courage to try to give always something a little bit different than an usual thing. Taking care of your look for both Sexes, between colouring, highlighting, toning, Cutting, styling and caring about you, using the most renovated technique from Italy combined with the best products (MADE IN ITALY) "Davines" all derived from Plants and being totally sustainable for the environment, perfect for a beachy style look and easy to maintain. Regarding to the music section we are in partnership with the most known record shop in Sydney based in Newtown, (Something Else Record Store) that provide us Music for our store based on our choice, Involving Inemur Music for the best music selection on northern beaches.